Sunnyside & Emerald is a community-impact, interactive environmental challenge, led by Alex Maksymec in Chicago, IL.

Here, Alex reassesses learned habits about waste, conservation, and earth-friendly lifestyles on a personal level, and how that can grow as we introduce our friends and families to the ideas presented. Some of the information in this blog is going to be very specific to resources found in Chicago and the surrounding metro area, though that shouldn’t be to the discouragement of those in other parts of the world.

Inspired by a new moon reflection prompted by a close connection, this project has grown from its seed which was planted in November 2017. Finally, it comes to fruition early 2018 and moves forward on its journey.

Have any questions, insights, or ideas on what you would like to see addressed on this blog? Contact Alex at alex@sunnysideandemerald.com.