The Birthday


My name is Alex, and today I turn 25. I feel like that’s a significant-enough number to make some personal evaluations and then turn it into a mass online social media campaign and join others in making a difference in the world. As we do, right?

This is Sunnyside & Emerald.

Sunnyside & Emerald is a personal Zero-Waste journey that has slowly transformed my routine over the past few months. My meals have become cleaner, my home has felt more homey, and the great outdoors have never felt closer – even in a city like Chicago!

I’ll be covering a variety of topics related (but not limited) to:

  • Environment
  • Self-sufficiency and self-care
  • Local Resources
  • Wellness
  • And, of course, Zero Waste

I’ll also take time to answer questions and solve challenges through thoroughly researched posts, as I want for this experience to be an interactive one for the zero waste community. During my journey, if anything resonates with you or you have further input, let’s start a discussion!

I hope that my platform here can provide the inspiration for someone to join in on this expression of love toward our planet. I also want the emphasize that what I present in this blog isn’t going to be a “one size fits all” for making use of zero waste alternatives. The important part of this journey is learning to recognize habits that are damaging to the planet and making changes to rectify that for overall longevity

This is the beginning.

And as I mentioned, it’s also my birthday! So, for step one, I want to invite anyone reading this to join me in celebrating by volunteering with me for the Cook County Forest Preserves and Friends of the Forest Preserves as a Centennial Volunteer this Saturday, March 10.

Volunteer information and sign-up can be found here.

If you are unable to participate, then I encourage you to donate to their forest restoration efforts here.

The Friends of the Forest Preserves provide an incredible opportunity for anyone to start making a positive environmental impact in aiding our public lands. Don’t let the cold dissuade you, either – even when the temperatures are sub-zero, the physical activity and burn pile keep you warm and energized. They generally have space reserved for up to 40 volunteers on any given day, so if you do sign up please let me know so I can prepare the organizer for a larger group of new people who will be joining us that day.




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Sunnyside & Emerald

My name is Alex, and I'm documenting curated habit changes as a journey toward a zero waste lifestyle. Join me on sharing kindness with our planet!

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